Welcome to our about page. If you want to discover where Tabula Games came from, you are in the right spot!

Some history

Hi! I am Francesco; I’m a game designer and founder of a small indie publishing company based in Italy: Cosplayou. You’ve probably never heard of it and that’s fine since I was always focused deeply on the Italian market. Until now I had the specific goal of creating gateway games to help people get into board games. But being also an avid boardgamer it was inevitable for me to want to create and publish more substantial and complex games. The ones that appeal to people like you and me. I’ve always been extremely happy of having contributed to the board game community, letting people understand why board games are awesome! But, you know, being able to publish a fully-fledged eurogame is another feeling altogether.


Luckily in 2015 I met the guys behind Jewels and we decided to put the game on Kickstarter, discovering together how awesome it is to run a campaign, and introducing us to a lot of inspiring and enthusiastic people that are able to see a vision as the creator does.

Since Jewels was a success, I’ve decided to venture to my new experiment: Tabula Games. I want to reach gamers all over the world and explore to the fullest the amazing wonders of Kickstarter. I believe it’s an extremely powerful tool in the right hands. So the new aspiration is to help game designers bring to life the game of their dreams. My plan is to deal with all the business and logistics so they have the time, and full creative freedom, to do what they’re passionate about. I want to give them the power of a Kickstarter campaign, without the headache of managing all the logistics, the best of both worlds!

You can contact me for any kind of inquiry on the channel of your choice: