Barbarians Lore

Warchief Kormas

During their time, before they turned into spirits, the Warchiefs were heads of different clans.

Every clan had (and still has) it’s own traditions, and had to adapt in many different ways in order to survive the often adverse environments of Fenian.

Warchief Kormas and his clan are a perfect example of traditions, rituals and survivability. They prepare their weapons for the hunt with a fire ritual of purification, and pray to the boar god Cintok. Wild boars are therefore sacred animals for them, and cannot be hunted. They can however be mounted, and if one of them dies, its fur and fangs can be used for amulets, vests or ritual masks. In battle, Kormas and his Sacred Knights of Cintok ride the biggest boars, and fiercely and fearlessly charge through enemy lines.


Inhabitants of a land with extremely cold winters, they spend spring and summer on plateaus where they have stable dwellings. They dedicate their time to family and to shaping their weapons, in preparation for the hunting season. The clan developed advanced tactics in order to hunt big and often dangerous mammoth, and every hunter is able to build his own weapons. They also paint their own insignia to easily recognize the mammoth that will be preyed.

In order to stock for the hard winter, the clan usually hunts in autumn, when the mammoth are covered by thicker layers of fat. But pulled by the desire to obtain fresher meat and to show off their abilities, the more expert and skilled hunters often end up hunting in winter too.
Since the snow makes it impossible to use wild boars to chase their prey, hunters are forced to adapt their style and use a different approach. They rely then on snow rackets and thick boar furs to silently approach their prey and strike them down with arrows and spears.


The clan hunts only for sustenance, and once the necessary amount is reached, the hunters let the other animals run away.
Their respect for the prey is shown also when, at the end of the day, the Warchief chooses the biggest animal to offer to Cintok. After the ceremony, the animal’s remains are left outdoors for several days before they are burned and the ashes are scattered to the winds. They believe, in fact, that the ashes will be carried like seeds by birds and insects, and this will favour the rebirth of many more mammoth.


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