Warchief Torc

Warchief_Torc Lewis_Chessmen_Barbarians

The details

Ivan, our talented illustrator, always puts an insane amount of love into his works. He really enjoys putting little Easter eggs and references in small details of his illustrations.
Here you can see the artwork of Warchief Torc, one of the cards in our new game, Barbarians.


The markers

Observing Warchief Torc artwork, the first detail that comes to mind are the markers on the map. The famous Lewis chessmen have inspired our illustrator, 93 pieces carved from walrus tusks found in Scotland in 1831 inside a box made of stone. Lewins chessmen have a mysterius origins. Solving this enigma they could tell us much about the Nordic European populations, who lived almost a millennium ago, especially about what kind of interactions they had. It’s a great archaeological mystery unitl now not solved.


The crown

The crown, in the world of Fenian ransacked by Warchief Torc in one of his countless conquests, instead is a reference to the Iron Crown of Lombardy, a royal insignia and reliquary from the Early Middle Ages used to crown the King of the Lombards first, and later the King of Italy. It’s believed to contain a band of iron, beaten out of a nail used at the crucifixion of Jesus.
The crown has an enormous symbolic value for historians since it represent the granted divine power to Kings.

The Iron Crown has been worn by a lot of notable figures, including the French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte. He claimed himself King of Italy using the Iron Crown. For his huge devotion toward this artifact, Napoleon created the Order of the Iron Crown.

There isn’t better inspiration for fantasy worlds than our own history.

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