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The Studio


Tabula Games is an indie board game publisher founded in 2015, after the successful Kickstarter campaign of it’s first game: Jewels.

In 2017 it Kickstarted Barbarians: The Invasion.

Now we’re working on our next game: Mysthea.


General Info

Mysthea is a hand management and area control eurogame. Time-tested euro mechanics get a modern twist and are infused with a strongly thematic design to immerse you in the strange world of Icaion.

Fight for the control of unexplored floating islands, filled with anomalies and strange monsters. Gather your powers to make entire islands move. Join forces to fight the dreadful monsters that inhabit them. Build an army and strongholds on these new frontiers.

The game features detailed miniatures and wonderful artwork from Travis Anderson.

Mysthea Lore

You can read the expanded and regularly updated lore on the game website.

Millenia ago, a planet called Icaion was hit by a giant crystal from the depths of space. With staggering force, the crystal pierced through the planet. The impact was so strong that the planet, and the forces governing it, changed forever. Fast forward thousands of years. Large chunks of the planet broken off in the crash are now floating islands. They are held in place by the gravitational pull of the crystal. A prosperous civilization has risen on the land farthest from the devastated planet, and the people there have found a way to channel the power of the shards of crystal now scattered everywhere. 

These crystal shards, called Qoam, have their own magnetic field. Their displacement had huge consequences on the balance of the forces of the planet, spawning unimaginable oddities and anomalies that bend the laws of physics. 

The advanced society has progressed largely thanks to the crystals. Humans developed the ability to attune themselves with Qoam shards and interact with them in strange ways. Some are able to perform incredible feats of telekinesis, building huge structures, creating weapons, and more.

Alongside humans, strange new life appeared, corrupted by the power of the Qoam. Some of these creatures are peaceful, while others react violently to its energy. The five floating islands around Icaion are the most vulnerable to the power of the crystal, called Tormest, making them volatile and perilous places.

For the first time in history, humans will travel there. Be the first to explore new lands and get ready for all you may encounter.

Mysthea Mechanics

In Mysthea you control a Champion with unique skills, tasked with exploring new lands. Your goal is to conquer five floating islands and come back victorious to your homeland.

The game is hand-management and area control, with a deeply strategic Champion-controlled dynamic map. Each champion is able, under certain circumstances, to move entire islands, changing the equilibrium of power across the whole game map.

Champions have the power to move entire islands, making for a dynamic game map.

Conflict between players is a strategic decision, but each player should be wary of almost invincible monsters that roam these lands. Monsters can attack abruptly, forcing players to cooperate in order to destroy them.

During the game you’ll have to deal with make-your-choice encounters, opting for your chosen path based only on a few clues.

Build your army with different kinds of troops, build fortifications on the lands you explore and empower your champion, with deeply balanced asymmetric gameplay.

The combination of these mechanics, wonderful miniatures and stunning artwork make Mysthea a truly unique experience.


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Martino & Marta

The two co-designers of Barbarians: The Invasion. They had the idea for a long time of experimenting with hand management, hand building and area control, so we gave them complete creative freedom to make the game of their dreams.


We met this young talent online and we were stoked by the amazing worlds he’s capable of creating with his hand and imagination. We are extremely happy to have him on board, since he’s been able to bring all of our concepts to life.

Tabula Crew

We are an indie board game design publisher, but more than that we are a team of close friends that work together toward a goal we all love: creating a game that is fun to play and beautiful to look at. We all want to make something amazing that is valuable to the players for the extreme care and love with which it’s made.

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