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We love Kickstarter, because it gives us complete creative freedom and the support of awesome folks


Become the richest merchant of Marylia in our first game, Kickstarted with the help of 248 passionate people! With Jewels we discovered the wonders of this platform and also we decided it was the right path to guarantee complete artistic freedom.

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Barbarians: The Invasion

Barbarians: The Invasion

Barbarians: The Invasion is an eurogame from Pierluca Zizzi, the author of Hyperborea, Signorie and Asgard. We’re excited to work with him and to bring to life his idea. It’s illustrated by Ivan Cavini, he has an incredible hand and a fantasy world lover.

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.



the one man band

Hi! I am Francesco; I’m a game designer and founder of a small indie publishing company. Tabula Games is a new experiment to go worldwide and also to explore the amazing wonders of Kickstarter. I believe it’s an extremely powerful tool in the right hands so the idea is to use my experience to help game designers bring to life the game of their dreams. I already deal with all the business and logistics, letting the designers to have the time and full creative freedom, to do what they’re passionate about. In conclusion, the best of both worlds!

the crowd

Supporters and backers are the soul of a project and we feel they are an important part of our team.
The supporters also need to be actively involved in the creative process, weighing in on game design and creative decisions to help us shape the best game imaginable.
We know you’re able to offer input and bring ideas to the table that can make a huge difference, and we’re ready to listen to what you have to say!

the crew

Of course as hard as he can try to do it all on his own, Francesco is the first to admit he still needs a hand here and there. In the end a day only has 24 hours.
Tabula Games is an indie board game design studio made also of close friends:

  • Alessandro, Problem Maker
  • Alessio, Problem Solver
  • Andrea, Random Gamer
  • Carlo, Keen Eye
  • Daniele, Expat Accountant
  • Kiersten, Unstable Editor
  • Leonardo, Meta Thinker

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