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Tabula Games is a board game publisher made of more than 15300 people, backers included. Join us!


We love Kickstarter, because it gives us complete creative freedom and the support of awesome folks


Become the richest merchant of Marylia in our first game, Kickstarted with the help of 248 passionate people!

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Barbarians: The Invasion

Barbarians: The Invasion

Barbarians: The Invasion is an eurogame from Pierluca Zizzi, the author of Hyperborea, Signorie and Asgard.

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Discover a world shaken by mysterious forces where anomalies bend the laws of physics and dreadful monsters roam free. Be the first to explore lands never reached before and prepare for all you may encounter.

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fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set sixty years before the events of Mysthea. Gain control of Volfyirion the Dragon and unleash destruction on every city your rival House controls!

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Journey Into Mysthea

Journey Into Mysthea

An exciting Graphic Novel set in the universe of Mysthea where the plot is decided by the community!

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A sprawling city lies beneath the clouds. A parallel world waiting to be discovered.

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Meet Tabula

An Idea

Everything starts with just an idea, a thought that resides in your mind and just won’t go away. Everyday the idea grows stronger, more defined and clearer until it becomes a vision.
We want to make these ideas real, bring to reality what resides in the mind of brilliant game designers. Transposing the concepts into the art and mechanics that create a wonderful game.

A Crew

All it takes to bring an idea to reality is just a team of passionate people who really want to see it come true. We have a core team of gamers and geeks that sustain the whole process and for each of our projects, we find extremely talented and passionate people to develop each aspect of the game to it’s full potential. We want our games to be as fun and good looking as possible and we will do everything it takes to achieve this.

A Crowd

Supporters and backers are the soul of each crowdfunded project and we feel they are an important part of our team.
The supporters also need to be actively involved in the creative process, weighing in on game design and creative decisions to help us shape the best game imaginable.
We know you’re able to offer input and bring ideas to the table that can make a huge difference, and we’re ready to listen to what you have to say!

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